Welcome from our Priest

phil2If you’ve found your way to this page, either you’re a St. Mark’s parishioner visiting our site to find something specific and clicked to see what the priest says online, or you’re someone looking for a new church to visit. Since most websites assume the latter, this is the place where I’m supposed to give you the hard sell about why you should join St. Mark’s, and why we’re better than all the other churches nearby.

You and I have both read those pages before: Church as commodity and how it can solve all of your problems and make your life happy if you just join them. Often there are perfect pictures alongside with people who look more like models than real parishioners. Sometimes it feels too slick, too plasticky. You’re not quite sure what you’ll get when you show up.

The honest truth is that St. Mark’s seeks to be an authentic congregation, and as a priest I try to talk about the connections between real life and faith. What it means to follow the way of Jesus in this time and place. But when we talk about real life, sometimes it gets messy.  We don’t always have it together; the pictures are rarely perfect.

And that’s okay. In fact, that’s exactly the way it should be.

During this time of COVID, the usual stuff I’d say about our three different services, faith formation programs, music or the outreach doesn’t quite explain it.  We’ve moved a bunch of things online, and are finding ways to connect over technology. But what I want to say to you is this: If you are looking for a church where you can be welcomed for who you are, and you want to follow Jesus as best you can (even if you have no idea how to do that), then we might be the place for you. Come and join us for a time—come pray with us—and see where it leads.

If St. Mark’s turns out to be the place for you, fantastic and I hope to get to know you better!  And if St. Mark’s is not that place, then Godspeed to you in your faith journey!  Wherever God may be calling you next, I trust that this longing in you to find a community to connect and worship with will lead you forward as you seek to follow Christ.

Feel free to email me with questions, or if you’d like to meet over a cup of coffee. You can reach me at phil@stmarkssouthborough.org


PS: You can also read my blog at RamblingPriest.com.