Adult Ministries

Sometimes church people think that once they get passed confirmation classes there’s relatively little they need to learn about their faith. We would disagree. Exploring the Christian faith is a lifelong task. As we grow and experience new things, our understanding of God also changes.

On Sundays we have coffee hour and conversation following the 8am service (usually at 8:50). This informal time allows for further discussion of the sermon, other events in our parish life, or just connecting with one another.

Beginning at 11 am on Sundays, we host Adult Faith Formation in our Parish Hall. This year we’re studying the Sermon on the Mount together over coffee and snacks. In the past, we’ve explored topics like The Dead Sea Scrolls, Islam, and have had a basic introduction to the Bible. We’ve had classes on the history of the Church of England, what happens at Eucharist and the Hope of the Resurrection. Sometimes we use videos orl have speakers either from within our congregation or from outside organizations. Please join us!

Additionally, we’ll offer studies in the evenings from time to time. Recently we’ve done Bible studies, a class exploring our life’s stories, and the connections between faith and film. 

Our Men’s Group meets each Thursday at 7am and 3pm in our Parish Hall, and all are welcome!

Our Women’s Bible/Book Study meets Wednesdays online. Reach out to our parish office (office @ for more info!