The Rev. Phil LaBelle


Phil is a Michigander by birth, but a New Englander by heart and marriage. Feeling a call to ordained ministry from an early age, Phil realized this dream after finding his way into the Episcopal Church via St. Francis in Holden, Mass. He's spent a summer in Africa and has traveled around the globe on various trips and missions. … Read More

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Melissa Tobey LaBelle

Director of Youth Ministry

Melissa Tobey LaBelle has served as a volunteer youth leader for approximately seven years at St. Mark’s and is pleased to officially join the staff of the parish this fall as the part-time Director of Youth Ministry.  She enjoys serving the middle school and high school youth of the parish and is very excited to have … Read More

The Ven. Michael Hamilton

The Dioceses of Massachusetts has two archdeacons and the different job descriptions are held somewhat loosely between us. Pat Zifcak bears the responsibilities of formation/ education of students that aspire to be a deacon and then I assist the Bishop in deployment of that deacon into a ministry and parish once they are … Read More

James Wallace

Organist and Choirmaster

James Wallace holds bachelors degrees in organ performance and church music from Pacific Lutheran University, the master of music degree in church music and organ from Westminster Choir College, was a Summer Music Education Fellow at Northwestern University, and hods the Advanced Studies Certificate in Scoring for Motion … Read More