The Ven. Michael Hamilton

The Dioceses of Massachusetts has two archdeacons and the different job descriptions are held somewhat loosely between us. Pat Zifcak bears the responsibilities of formation/ education of students that aspire to be a deacon and then I assist the Bishop in deployment of that deacon into a ministry and parish once they are ordained. I truly love formation work (looking for the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit in myself and others) and it is a great joy to assist Pat in her work with the students and she is invaluable to me in working with the deacons in their placements. (You might wonder that if I work in deployment whether I self-selected St Mark’s and you would be sort of correct with the encouragement of Phil…. But let’s keep that a secret).

Deacons are called to support others, assist in organizing, and to bring the Gospel out into the world so that it does not sit on a bookshelf to be taken down once a week for church services. From the list of ministries and agencies that you currently support, St Mark’s already understands that in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and welcoming the stranger, that you are serving Christ. With that as a base, together we may find a way to expand that vision or live into it more fully as a community that seeks to share the love that God has given us, as well as inviting others into the experience of being a member of a strong, faithful community. I am looking forward to our journey together and to see where it will lead us.