Our Logo

1906CornerIn the late Spring of 2013, a group of parishioners joined to create a new graphic identity for St. Mark’s. In the past, we had used our beautiful stone church to represent us, but we wanted to say more than we loved our building. However, we didn’t want to create anything in a vacuum, picking a random emblem or icon to represent our community.

We happened upon the flowering lily cross imprinted on the outside corner stone of our 1906 chancel expansion in memory of Joseph Burnett. This symbol represents the resurrection of Jesus and points us to Easter. It held for us a connection to our past and our building, while also thrusting us forward as people of the resurrection.  In the graphic image created for us, the movement of the fading circle showed our dynamic community.

Finally, we wanted to sum up in a concise way our desire to live as disciples focused on connecting with others, growing in our faith and serving on behalf of Christ’s kingdom. This came down to those few words, “Welcoming, Inspiring and Serving God’s People.”  We recognize that all of us are “God’s people.”  All of us are beloved by God.  And our hope for our community is that we can live as disciples focused on a resurrection way of life and that we share that life with others.