Holy Week and Easter

We hope that you’ll join us for the most solemn 8 days in Christianity—Holy Week and Easter. We begin with Palm Sunday on March 24 with the joy of ushering Jesus in as the promised king through waving palms and shouting Hosannas.  We then hear a reading of the Passion, lifting our voices once again with the crowd, though this time asking for Jesus’ death.

The great liturgies of Holy Week continue with Maundy Thursday at 7pm with Jesus’ new commandment to love calling in service to others.

On Good Friday we begin at 11 am with a special stations of the cross reading for kids which includes the snuffing of candles. We end with the “15th Station” of Jesus’ resurrection so kids know what is to come on Easter.  At noon we do the Stations for Adults processing from station to station in our church.  At 7pm, we partake in the solemn Good Friday liturgy at 7pm.

Our week concludes on the 8th day with Jesus’ mighty resurrection on Easter Day—March 31! We have three services on this day—a change from our usual!—at 8, 9 & 11!

Join us!


Holy Week and Easter Schedule 2024

  • March 24 – Palm Sunday
    • 8:00 — Blessing of Palms and Passion Reading with Holy Eucharist in the main church
    • 10:00 — Palm Sunday Liturgy and Blessing of the Palms in the Parish Hall with Passion Reading and Holy Eucharist (Service Live-streamed)
  • March 28– Maundy Thursday
    • 7 pm Maundy Thursday Liturgy with Stripping of the Altar
    • 8pm-12 Midnight — Praying at the altar of repose
  • March 29 – Good Friday
    • 11 am — The Way of the Cross for Children
    • 12 Noon — Stations of the Cross
    • 7 pm — Good Friday Liturgy with Reserved Sacrament
  • March 31 – Easter Day
    • 8:00— Spoken Holy Eucharist
    • 9:00— Festival Eucharist with Organ, Choir and Trumpet (Identical to 11am)
    • 10:10 — Easter Egg Hunt
    • 11:00 — Festival Eucharist with Organ, Choir and Trumpet (Identical to 9am)