Capital Campaign 2019

Our Heritage, Our Faith, Our Future

In 1862 Joseph Burnett and his contemporaries deeded the land on Main Street just to the west of the Southborough Town Hall in order to build St. Mark’s Church.  They had a single stipulation that St. Mark’s would be “free to all, with no distinctions as to wealth, color, race or station.”

Since then we’ve lived into that call.  Our parish has opened its doors and been a place to welcome the people of our community.  And since 1891, many of those who’ve entered our church were drawn to worship with us by our stately clock and bell tower.  This tower has held the gaze of many for nearly 130 years.  It’s drawn our eyes to the heavens and grounded us in the firm foundation of faith.

Our tower has become a beacon of welcome, hope, and love.

And that’s been our desire, too.  That St. Mark’s Church would be a place where people could experience the deep welcome, the exuberant hope, and the profound love we’ve experienced in Christ.

Due to the marching of time, our beloved tower needs significant repair so that it can stand for over another 100 years and continue to welcome into our parish the ones searching for God.

As we’ve looked at the way new people experience our parish grounds, other less expensive but important projects have emerged as well.  Many do not know where to enter our parking area, or how to navigate our property once they arrive. We plan to create new signage to direct them. While the main entrance to our Parish House is befitting, many people enter through the “back door” of our kitchen. We plan to create a much more suitable entrance from our parking lot.

Other ongoing capital work needs to be funded as well in order to support our building and grounds committee who have maintained a list of needs. Projects include sprucing up our now nearly 20-year old Parish House, repointing stonework, managing water runoff, and the like, to ensure we avoid more significant cost and repairs down the road.

As the stewards of St. Mark’s at this time, we are the ones called to carry on the legacy of Joseph Burnett and his friends to welcome all people with no distinction of wealth, color, race or station, just as many generations have done before us.  Each of us can commit to preserving our legacy and building on our mission to welcome, inspire, and serve God’s people.  We hope that each of you will give generously to this important work.

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